What’s going on, right this minute.

So, we had a meeting last night. Thanks again to David Zaitz for hosting. We got most of the weekends in June scheduled for rides, except for June 14/15 and 21/22 so if any of you have any rides you’d like to lead, speak up. I am looking at my schedule to see when I can lead a Chilao/Vetter Mountain/Mount Hillyer/Mooney ride, per request of DZ. Now that the high school racing season is effectively over, I will be trying to get a few regular rides scheduled out my way to provide for some rides for my son’s team to keep in shape in their offseason and for the OTH series. Feel free to offer to lead some, if you are keen on some of the rides in the area, like Marshall, Bonelli, Monroe, Turnbull, FDL, Chino Hills, etc…
I should mention that you need to be a paid member to lead rides. I stopped by Pasadena Cyclery before the meeting to check on memberships and there are some that haven’t been processed from the last couple of months but there are quite a few of you who haven’t renewed, so get on it. It’s May. You also cannot buy any of the swanky new kits that will be coming down the pike if you are not in good standing.
We also quickly discussed Mammoth.
Again, Forrest and I had been talking about the 1st week of August, but now he has something going on for work and prefers the 2nd week. Roman and Crystal can’t do after the 1st week because she is back in school. I’ve heard that other people are asking about when we are going but not many people responded to the poll. What say you? I am out because I probably can’t afford to go, so talk amongst yourselves and get it figured out PDQ before all the good places are booked.
Please check the PMBC Facebook page for the schedule or for any questions while we are still working on this site.
That’s all for now. I now return you to your regularly scheduled cat videos.

PMBC Website Under Construction

I know, I know….
We are trying to get it right. We are still working on new ideas and formats so be patient. Its kinda hard trying to make this site work as smooth as the Fb death star. As of November 2013 we went back to the 1st Wednesday of the month for our meeting and we got a really good turnout, which leads me to believe that we should only do Fridays for special events. Remember, January 2014 is right around the corner which means the new year is a great time to renew your dues. We could also do another jersey order. see! this is why you need to come to these meetings.

Pasadena Mountain Bike Club is changing its monthly meeting night.

For as long as I could remember PMBC has had its monthly meeting on the first Wednesday of every month, but as our club has reached an all time high in members it is a lot harder for most to commit to a week night in their already busy schedule.

This was a topic brought up at this month’s meeting and after great debate (about two beers) we unanimously decided to move the Meeting Night to Friday. We think this move would give members more time in the evening knowing that most do not have to work the next day and that the Meeting could be a more in-depth event.

The christening for the Friday Night Meeting will be July 6, 2012 at El Ray’s house. We will be having a BBQ and Outdoor movie. All information will be posted on the Calendar.

Hope to see all of you there and as a reminder to all, you DO NOT have to be a member of PMBC to attend any of our rides or events.


Ray Herrera
PMBC VP & Schedule Coordinator