2005 Membership Drive

Now that all the rain’s gone, it’s beginning to look like a great new year. If you’re looking for suggestions for New Year’s Resolutions, why not drop $10 to improve your social status by being a member of the Pasadena Mountain Bike Club.

“What if I don’t mind being unpopular?” you ask. We’re okay with that, but if you ride, you need stuff for your bike, and when you need stuff for your bike, you need to spend money. If you spend the $10 now, Pasadena Cyclery, our esteemed sponsor, will knock 10% off the price of goodies for your ride. They’ll even knock the same 10% off the price of goodies for yourself, such as clothes and accessories. If you’re the type who spends $100 per year on stuff, like most of us (tubes, tools, and parts really add up quickly), you’ll more than recover the $10 you spent to join.

“Ok, but what if I don’t need stuff?” you ask. We don’t believe you, but we will think you need some more prodding to join the club. We’re going to start shooting out electronic newsletters exclusively for our members. They won’t be on our website, and there won’t be hardcopies at Pasadena Cyclery. It’ll be in color, and it will have content you won’t find on the site. You’ll get one every month or two.

We can see you’re convinced that you need to join the club. We can also see that spending $10 won’t kill you. Think of it as less than a dollar a month. You spend more than that on gas to drive to the trailhead and back.

If you’ve got that $10 handy, you can bring it to any of our meetings, held on the first Wednesday of the month at 7:30pm, usually at Fuddruckers in Pasadena. Or you can go to our Join page to either make a PayPal payment, or print out the membership form and send it in with a check. Remember to include your e-mail address if you’d like the electronic newsletter. We promise to protect your privacy by only using that e-mail address to send you the newsletter. That’s the only reason we ask for it. We use your street address to send you a membership card.

Thanks for listening. Now back to the music…