25th Anniversary PMBC Kits

UPDATE (09/15/10) Okay,people. It’s jersey reorder time. The quantities for the order are due by Friday and the deposit as well. I’ve got the count of what’s left at the shop. Get your wants in or lose out. Still $55 and I haven’t had much interest in the long sleeved stuff so speak up or it ain’t happening! ————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————- UPDATE (07/09/10) The remaining available jerseys are now at Pasadena Cyclery. Be current on your PMBC dues and then give them $55 each. Those of you who have ordered them, those are bagged and in another box at the shop with what you owe. Go get ’em! The next order will be arriving on the 1st week of September, so if you want something that’s sold out or you want bib-shorts or arm warmers, get your orders-and money in or else it isn’t coming this time. —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————–

Okay people, it’s time to pony-up. If we want to get new jerseys by the last week of June, we need to have our deposit and order quantities in by Monday, May 3. If not, our next option is a May 24th deadline to receive our stuff the week of July 12-16. We also have to decide upon whether or not to do shorts (minimum 15 and about $67.50 each for the nice 8-panel with the “good” chamois). The other pieces we are thinking about (depending upon your interest-and deposits) are; wind vests (that count towards the regular racing jersey numbers) that will be about $56, arm warmers that will be about $28 and wind jackets that will be about $71. Wind jackets, arm warmers and long sleeved jerseys (which no one said they were into) all count together with a 15 quantity minimum. The regular jerseys we have done, the Club (think racing Blue ones of our current) will be about $63 and the Freeride (which is our current Grey mesh one) will still be the same at about $52. There will also be CA sales tax in addition to the prices. This info will be on the PMBC Facebook site as well and I need your replies ASAP so we can decide on the date. Also, you need to be up to date on your club dues to buy any club clothing. If you are not, then just add the $10 to your orders. Thank you for your prompt input.

UPDATE (07/01/10) The jersey order is in. I dished out the $2000 owed to finish the order so NONE are leaving my hot little hands until your dues are paid and the jerseys are paid for. I’ve got the list of who’s paid us already UPDATE (07/03/10) Racing jersey in 2XL, Wind vest in XL and Freeride in XS, XL and 2XL are sold out! Better hustle up because some sizes are already selling out and you’ll have to wait for the next order in September to get yours. pictures below 2010 Freeride Jersey

2010 Racing Jersey

Here’s what they look like: Freeride 2010 Freeride Jersey Racing 2010 Racing Jersey