A Boy and His Bike

Last night I was out at an event that celebrates the union of two people. As great as the evening was, I was thinking of my riding and how it suffered due to the pressures of work and the kid sport activities. I then realized that if I make it home I should go for a ride tomorrow.

I awake and contemplate where to ride, I mentally go through my catalog of rides that are left after the fire, and even though my riding has been limited, nothing got me motivated. At this point I looked at my bikes for some inspiration, next thing I’m doing is changing out my wheels for road wheels! Yes, people! Road wheels!

So I venture off into the concrete jungle and with no plan of where to go then I spot Santa Anita Ave. (Chantry Flat Rd./Winter Creek for you Dirt Junkies) in the corner of my eye. I try my best to stay off the roads of death and make my way to Santa Anita Ave.

I start making my way up and I start to feel at home with spinning wheels against gravity, I stop for a moment of silence for Mr. Squirrel. I get to the gate and surprisingly it is open to public traffic (need to plan a Winter Creek ride soon), so I keep spinning and a big grin comes on to my face. I feel at home in the hills, dirt or asphalt it felt good to be there and smell the Manzanita and other shrubs our mountains grow. Unfortunately, Stoner only made it to the main turn off that overlooks the SGV, memories were stirred, I’ve been busted by cops, had countless dates and many other blurry memories I dare not mention on the site.

After some time of enjoying my impromptu quest, a song came on the headphones – “Vapor Trail” by The Crystal Method, which was my ticket to ride. Now the next best thing to MTBing, is descending winding roads on an MTB with street tires, pushing corners at 30mph at 45 degree angles is some serious shite. Around the last turn I had to brake hard, two deer standing in the road on purpose blocking me and giving me looks like “what holmes, you wants us to move? This is our barrio.”. Then came the half mile long 40mph descent of Santa Anita – scary, but a rush none the less.

Then I made my way home.

– Stoner