And a new look

If you’ve made it this far, then I’m sure you’ve noticed that things look a bit different.

Gone is the Johnny Cash look. (I was listening to Mark & Brian this morning). I’ve adopted a sunny disposition for the site. Hopefully making it easier on the eyes. That’s the main thing.

I’ve also updated the code to be the latest and greatest in XHTML and CSS. HTML is a thing of the past. XHTML is where it’s at, baby! If things look REALLY ugly at your end, it’s probably because you’re using a 20th century browser. Really. Netscape 4.7 doesn’t cut it. I *highly* recommend people take a look at the new Mozilla, or Mozilla Firefox (aka Firebird). Personally, I use Safari because it’s so pretty and is darned quick.
This is all 100% legal XHTML and CSS code. If it’s not rendering properly on your latest and greatest browser, it’s because whoever wrote that browser did a lame job. Get a real browser.

If something here really rubs you the wrong way, drop me a line. If you want to make my day, let me know if you like the new look.