Another site update

I’ve updated the site software packages again. There are a few handy new features and general cleanup I’ve been wanting to implement. Lemme know if you find anything broken.

The old site design was made way back on a much older version of the site software. Since then, the Geeklog people have added *many* new features to the software that the old site templates didn’t take advantage of. While I think the old design was unique, it really has held the site back in terms of functionality. I will be tweaking this current design as time goes on to make it more unique to PMBC. If you’ve got any ideas, send them my way.

[Update 2]
Tweaking the new templates was a bit easier than I expected. There still might be some spots I missed, so let me know if something’s unreadable or broken.

-Scott “New Year/New Look” Dayman