Poll Results

Now that it's Summer, I'm going to ride:
  Not at all 0
  A lot less 1
  A little less 4
  The same as always 10
  A little more 3
  A lot more 6
  Every day and twice on Sundays 4
Total votes: 28

Will you be going to any MTB races this season?
  Yes, to race 6
  Yes, to watch 3
  Maybe to race 3
  Maybe, to watch 1
  Nope 4
Total votes: 17

How are you getting to the Pancake Breakfast?
  Park & Walk 2
  Park & Ride 3
  Ride 17
  Walk 0
  Other 1
  Not Going 6
Total votes: 29

Where was your first personal contact with PMBC?
  Club Meeting 4
  Club Ride 4
  Club Party 0
  On the trail 1
  Pancake Breakfast 0
  Other 9
  None 3
Total votes: 21

What do you do for exercise when you can't ride?
  Jog 6
  Walk/Hike 5
  Spin 3
  Swim 1
  Strength Train 7
  Nothing 26
Total votes: 48

All I want for Christmas is:
  A new bike. 1
  Bike parts. 0
  Sweet trails. 4
  Peace on Earth. 5
  A Red Rider BB Gun. 1
Total votes: 11

How are you going to work off all that food you ate at Thanksgiving?
  Watch TV 7
  Walk 3
  Run 2
  Ride a little 5
  Ride a lot 11
Total votes: 28

Angeles Nat'l Forest is open again! I'm so excited, I'm going to:
  Hike in the rain! 1
  Ride in the rain! 6
  Wait for the crowds to die down. 1
  Wait for the rain to stop. 10
  What? It was closed? 4
Total votes: 22

With the ANF Closed, where will you ride?
  Santa Monicas 1
  The OC 2
  Big Bear 2
  Road 2
  Anywhere you can 14
Total votes: 21

When it comes to working on my bike, I:
  Take it to the shop 1
  Know how to inflate tires 0
  Can handle routine maintenance 10
  Do it all 9
Total votes: 20

When you see an illegally cut trail, you usually:
  Ride it 4
  Block it 4
  Ignore it 17
Total votes: 25

Have you been to a PMBC meeting?
  Yes 9
  No 7
  Tried, but couldn't find you guys 3
Total votes: 19

When it's this hot, I:
  Don't ride. 4
  Ride at night. 2
  Ride in the morning. 10
  Ride anyhow. 14
Total votes: 30

Tony Quiroz's fiercest foe is
  Any hill steeper than .1% 4
  Messenger chicks 4
  Racer Fred 7
  His own bad self 5
Total votes: 20

Which is your favorite type of club ride?
  Downhill 31
  Cross Country 43
  Street/Road 0
Total votes: 74

Have you ever done trailwork with the MWBA?
  Yes 6
  No 17
Total votes: 23
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