In case you missed Scott’s link regarding this, the Forest Service has stated that they intend to close most of the Angeles National Forest on Monday the 27th. This puts a serious monkey wrench into our ride schedule for the rest of the year as well as our plan to revive the Mount Wilson Bicycling Association’s Pancake Breakfast that was to be held on it’s traditional date on the first Sunday in November (the 7th). Pasadena Cyclery was putting that event together with us and the CORBA people so we’ll have to get together with Al and Tom at PC and see what the next step is. It probably means rescheduling it for sometime on the spring before mountain bike racing is in full swing.
That’s all I have for you. Just don’t be surprised to see a lot of PMBC rides happening in the Verdugos, Santa Monicas and in State Parks in the near future. Oh yeah, start praying for rain.
Check out the USFS closure link: