Bummer Dude

I am sorry to hear about El Presidentes’ loss of his Rocky Mountain trailer. It seems that Rocky is cursed with its trailers (see link)

It makes it harder to swallow being that it was someone in a Volvo, those pesky Swedes.

So I got I got shat on today on the way in to work by some bird. I felt something hit my arm and there it was a sizeable looking dooky. No prob, a little squirt of water and the mess was all gone. I was lucky it didn’t land in one of my helmet vents, now that would of sucked.

Lately biking life has sucked. I bent my bottom bracket on my Davidson. No biggie, just ordered a D/A replacement and off to ride the cross bike. I take the bike out of storage and the rear STI shifter doesn’t work. I had left the shifter under tension for too long and the spring just was too weak. So I am out of an 8-spd shifter as well. Can anybody say upgrade? I guess that the Davidson is going 9spd.

For all of those interested VDV, Jack, Eric and I are doing those 5am rides from Trader Joes. You are welcome to come along. I still can’t climb though.

– Tony