Campout next weekend!

Hey Guys,
In case you don’t know-or weren’t at last night’s meeting-we reserved one half (although the other half will probably be empty) of the Bandido Flats Group camping area up past Chilao (and right around Hillyer) for next Friday through Sunday, June 15-17. That campground can handle up to 130 people!

Bandido has lots of parking-even for motorhomes so I expect all of you monkeys, non-monkeys, LBC Spin people and out of towners and foreigners to show up too for rides on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I paid $200 for the two nights, so please come use the site and gimme some dough for the space. So far I have moolah from Geep and Steve. The more that show up, the better the deal. Ray is talking about bringing up a huge pile of Carne Asada so let’s line up the side dishes and beverages. The other appeal of this campground is that the next nearest camp is like a mile away so we won’t be bothering anyone and they won’t be bothering us. It also means no one will hear us shrieking when the bears attack us in the middle of the night! Just kidding. No, really.
I assume we will be riding Vetter, Hillyer and maybe even Pacifico, Waterman or the Burkhardt over the weekend. Even if you just come up for the day, it will be worth the drive.
There is NO running water and the toilets are NOT flush ones but this place hasn’t been used since my Cub Scout Pack was there in October and, even then, it wasn’t that bad because the campsite doesn’t get used that much.
See you there!