Dissed by Granny

“Your group is way ahead of you”, is what a Senior hiker lady hit me in the face with on El Prieto yesterday (Sunday, 2/29). I had to explain that I was right behind my group before I stopped to let her group of lollygaggers go by. That’s partially why I lost contact with Chris and his buddy in front of me on the singletrack-not that they wouldn’t be dusting me anyhow but I digress. Now, lately I have had plenty of wake up calls to tell me how out of shape I am, but how do you like them apples? To top that off, I just had a hateful time climbing up to Brown Saddle before the verbal abuse on El P added insult to injury. At the top I realized that it took me more time to get to the saddle than it used to take to get to the top of Brown Mountain fire road. I’m not talking about waaaay back in the day when I was a little faster and closer to 150 than 200 pounds like I am now. No, I mean like last year even.
Another painful side effect of my last couple of months’ let-up in riding is the deterioration of my already sorry handling skills. On El P I missed more switchbacks than I cleaned and half of them were full-on bails not just the usual dabs or palsies. That also is truly pitiful-but I won’t dwell on that too much longer for fear of stealing material from the Peck’s fine blog.
Needless to say, my tip for you today is to never let up on your riding or you will rue the day when some old lady rolls you under the bus! I guess Granny thought she was giving me some (unneeded) info and was just being helpful? Whatever. She really should be nice us usually polite bikers who are trying to keep some other people from scaring her off the trail on their drop-off runs. At the least Grandma should just hike on by and leave me to suffer in quiet…unless she’s got some cookies for me.