Every ride’s a social ride.

If you’ve read the FAQ, you know we’re big on the social aspect of riding. I was reminded of this on our last Beginner ride that I led a couple of weeks ago.

Other than myself, four other people showed up for the ride. Four complete strangers. With nothing in common. Oh, except that each of us brought a mountain bike. Ok, so we had one thing in common.

It turns out that this “one thing” we had in common was our love of mountain biking. We had varying degrees of riding experience, but the same level of enjoyment of riding. With a smallish group, each of us was able to get to know every rider, their background, and their other interests in life. One is a member of the Coast Guard, one a TV commercial producer; no two alike, except the guy who teaches in Glendale who’s farther along in his teaching career than I.

The bottom line of this experience for me is that riding with others is where it’s at. Whether it’s someone you’ve never met, or someone you’ve known for years, the ride is much more enjoyable when it’s with others. I had such a good time socializing with the other riders that the ride itself became secondary. It was a great day out, and I’d much rather hang out with people on the trail than in a bar or coffee shop. I really need to get out more and ride with others, because I had a really good time, and I’m all for having a really good time.