Frequently Asked Questions

Are you guys really fast?

No, sadly, we are not. We ride a lot, and really try, but we’re just slugs on bikes. If you come out on one of our rides, you most likely won’t be the last person in the group. If you are more leisurely than the rest of us, then, rest assured, there will be at least one person right back there with you to thank you for giving them a reason to take it easy.

I don’t think I’m even fast enough for your beginner rides.

Trust us, you are. Our beginner rides are picked and paced to make sure that everyone can complete the ride with the group. Come out and see how slow we really are.

C’mon, you guys have GOTTA be fast.

No! Puhleeze, we have a reputation to uphold. We’re a social club, so our rides are just an opportunity for us to be outdoors and chat with our friends. The regular rides just let us go out for longer rides that aren’t much faster than the beginner rides. If you really want to ride fast, we can hook you up with members so fast, that we never see them on the trail.

I’m habitually tardy, can you wait for me to show up?

If you show up on time, you’re guaranteed to not miss us; but we’ll try to hang around for an extra 10 minutes for those “unforseen circumstances.” And then we hit the road, or trail, or whatever it was we were going to hit. We mean it. Mostly.

Do I have to be a member to go on your rides?

Nope. In fact, we often get out-of-towners who show up for our rides for a taste of SoCal MTB riding. But we’d love it if you joined our group.

Then why should I join?

Because we’re your kind of people. We like riding bikes. Plus, you’ll get hefty discounts at our sponsors’ shops. Pasadena Cyclery will give you 10% off most of their stuff; 15% off if you’re kind enough to help the MWBA with their trailwork once in a while.

How can I find you guys at the meetings?

If the meeting is at Pasadena Cyclery, we’ll be the bunch of hoodlums and hoodlumettes at the table near the front counter. Sometimes we meet at someone’s house (without letting them know first). It’s the house with the angry wife/husband. No matter where we are, you’ll always find Martin or Ray.

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