Get your hot new PMBC jerseys now!

After all of the polling about designs and killing my beloved monkeys and all that, the new PMBC jerseys are finally in at Pasadena Cyclery!
If you are a current member in good standing, get down there and buy one. They are $55 each. If you are not a current member and want to get up to date, or would like to join the club, just pay the modest $10 annual dues and then you too can buy a stylish Pasadena Mountain Bke Club jersey and look like a pro. Just like I do. Haha!
We’ve got Racing style and Freeride style. The Freeride run a little bigger so be aware. They are not huge, just not racer cut. The Racing are actually what’s called “Club” cut which is a little looser than a “real” racing cut. We have been using this cut on the last two PMBC jerseys so whatever your previous Voler-manufactured, PMBC jersey’s size is like, it will be the same on these.
I would like all of the current members to buy them ASAP because we will be bringing some to the Mount Wilson Pancake Breakfast on Sunday and signing up new members and selling them jerseys while we’re there. I wouldn’t want the current members to miss out on good sizes if they wait too long.
Get off your butts and buy them now!!!
Here’s an update: Most of the Women’s jerseys are gone except maybe for one Small, and in Men’s we’re already getting down on Larges I think in both styles. We do have another production date held for June but need to put another deposit down this week. We will bring this up at the meeting. Also, people have been telling me that they wanted monkeys. I sure didn’t get this sentiment that strongly when we were making the decisions on this run! We could add them to a reorder?
Another Update (05/03/07)
We are reordering some of our Blue and Grey “Racing” jerseys and will be including some sleeveless ones. The Sleeveless will be the same except no PMBC on the shoulders so we might return to the previous collar design (Blue/Grey/Orange jersey) that had PMBC on it. Voler is sending a sizing sample pack to Pasadena Cyclery (which they forgot to do last time) and you guys can try them on next week at the shop. This will only include Racing and Club style jerseys. No Freeride. We already know how they fit.
I know we had an issue with the Womens ones. Apparently, our super-fit Women racers were too skinny for our Club cut style and the bottoms were flapping in the breeze showing off too much of their six packs! We can do some Womens in the actual Racing style which is tighter cut and does have a tighter elastic at the waist. We have been ordering Club cut to accommodate our mostly-more “mature” torsos!
These will be delivered around the 22nd of June.