Happy New Year!

Happy Holidays PMBC members, the same goes to everyone else who joined us on rides and at the Mt. Wilson Pancake Breakfast this year.
2006 is just about over and it’s time once again to think about the good times and epic rides we had this riding season.

I think we had a pretty good year. Most people who joined us on rides this year will have noticed that we’ve had decent turnouts and a welcome lack of; mechanical problems, major crashes or cases of poison oak. I think I’ve seen 15 or more riders on most of the club rides I’ve been on-recent rainy rides and ones that are 50 miles away from Pasadena notwithstanding!
I’d like to thank all of the ride leaders who led rides this year and all of the regular crew who made it out to rides, supported the beginner and kids rides and made it to club meetings. It made for a comfortable atmosphere that made new people who showed up glad that they came out. As always, a big debt of gratitude is owed to our fine sponsors at Pasadena Cyclery who have supported us since the early 80’s and still help us financially and with the use of the bike shop for meetings and other events. They are a true friend to our club and the whole local cycling community.
Now it’s time to remind you all to renew your PMBC memberships in January and please update us with your e-mail and addresses. I’d like us to compile a complete list so we can Spam you all-I mean keep you up to date with what’s going on.
Speaking of memberships, we have new person handling them. In case you did not know, Forrest, our long-time Treasurer, is no longer a local and Bob Britton volunteered to take over his duties as Club Treasurer, which included handling those new memberships. Thanks to Forrest for over 15 years of holding that position and thanks to Bob for taking it over.
That’s pretty much all I’ve got except to urge you to do trail work at least once in the next year and to lube your chain check it for wear.
Have a safe and Happy New Year and Happy Trails,