HRM? Have you heard of that? That means Heart Rate Monitor. The bike shops have them and so do a lot of sporting goods stores. Well they may not seem to important to you because you don’t really care what your heart rate is. Let me tell you this, you may not need to continuously monitor your heart rate but you should be aware of your fitness level. That is why I recommend you have a HRM. I bought the Polar i710 from Pasadena Cyclery when they first came out and I love it. Those of you that want to lose weight or raise your anaerobic threshold then a HRM is an essential tool. This is why, it allows you to evaluate you workouts to see what HR zones you are in. This will let you plan your rides to achieve your fitness goals. Did you know that going easier actually burns more fat? Well it does, it just needs to be done for a longer duration. Sprints and going to hard burn more calories but the fat % is lower. I can not go into too much detail for this Blog so just email me with any questions. I the meantime start shopping for a HRM and visit the polar website