I finally rode!

After all this time of no riding, I finally hit the trail. Last weekend’s Beginner Ride was held at the Arroyo, as usual. It’d been a while since I’d been there and I discovered it’s losing its beginner rideability. The recent rains took quite a toll on the water crossings, making them not-so-crossable. Our next beginner ride will be at Marshall Canyon in La Verne, unless I hear that it’s not doing so well also. Even though it was a challenging morning out, it was still worth being out there. Sure beats doing the stuff I’m supposed to be doing, and more relaxing, too.

The site’s still chugging along fine. Forrest’s doing a good job of adding pictures to his gallery. The boy’s been busy. Our newest buddy, Brian Coleman has a new gallery, as well as a profile in our Members section. You’ve just gotta check out his Toolproject website for the cool creations Brian’s been making. I’m hoping he makes a downhill version of his surround cycle. It looks like it could be made to corner well. But go check the site for yourself. He’s gotta have an awesome machine shop tucked away somewhere. Speaking of Brians, Brian Jehue’s profile will be posted next month. Tune in next month to learn about another Brian.