It’s a New Year…Time to pay your dues.

Ya-Hey Everybody,
just a reminder that next week is PMBC’s first monthly meeting for 2012.
Wow it’s been a year and time has gone by faster then Aaron Gwin on the downhill.
January is always the best time to pay your due because you can’t forget a new year.
If you look to your right you can see a “Members” number that is always growing and that’s
great but, that only reflects the Face book group. Though the majority of that number is paying members, a lot of them are not. We would like to have everyone as a paid member of PMBC.
Now everyone knows that you don’t have to be a paid member to join in on any of our rides, activities, or social events but, it helps to put on such events from your paid memberships.

Did you know that all paid members get a $% discount on all accessories and a $% on new bikes at Pasadena Cyclery Yes all that for only $10 a year. To join just stop by Pasadena Cyclery and give em 10 buck cash plus your info or you could Pay-pal on the PMBC site, or the best way is to come to January’s meeting. We could really use your help at the up coming meeting as we sample some new yogurt flavors and make money for the club. At our last 12hr. Race we lost two of our canopies to high winds and we need to replace them for next years events. A marketing firm will pay PMBC for every person who samples and gives feedback on the product.

It’s a New Year, time to pay up.

Thanks for helping,
Ray H.
VP & Schedule Co-ordinator of
Pasadena Mountain Bike Club