It’s not about the bike

I’m sure many of you watched the Tour de France or a least read about it. Why is Lance so strong? Well I’m not Chris Carmicheal, Lance’s trainer but I’m sure it has alot to do with Lance’s consistant training/riding. Consistancy is the key, I’m a true believer in this theory. You may not have time to ride your bike 3,4 or 5 days a week so here are some suggestions. Get a Cycle-Trainer, Rollers or Spinning bike. The Trainer or Roller are great because you can use your own road bike or mtn bike with slick tire. This is an advantage because it’s more reality based and you can ensure your bike is set up right for your next ride. The spinning bikes have a weighted wheel which gives them a solid feel and taking a spinning class makes the workout less mundane. These suggestions should always be your second choice. Nothing replaces real cycling and you should always look for ways to get on your bike. Here is what I try to do stay consistant. Never miss more than 1 or 2 days of riding or spinning. Always try to plan my rides or spinning to be specific type of workout. This could be a recovery ride, a max effort ride, or an interval ride. There a many workouts to choose from and sometimes I just get of my bike and ride how I feel. In my previous BLOG I mentioned the Polar HRM. The website has a log for your workouts along with a suggested riding schedule with target heart rates. Now this may be a little over the top for some of you and me too. The main thing is to just be consistant and enjoy riding your bike!