January Meeting AKA Pay Yer Freaking Dues (just kidding)

Hey People,

I am just back from the first Pasadena Mountain Bike Club meeting of the year and here’s what’s up:

First of all, it’s time to remind you to renew your PMBC membership again. You can drop of your ten samoleans at Pasadena Cyclery or you can pay online on this site using PayPal. I renewed myself-although Geep fronted me 15 cents.

We also got to look at some fantastic jersey designs from Juan and Eddie. I know Raffi’s working on some as well. We’ve also turned on the Bat-Signal for Brian Coleman to share some of the fruits of his creativity as well-if he’s not too busy. One of these fantastic designs will be our 25th Anniversary jersey. We will get some timetable on how much lead time jersey companies need for this Spring/Summer delivery and then set a deadline for design decision first, then colors will be decided right after. If any other design gifted club members would like to toss their hat into the ring, please do so. We will be posting designs on the site for your perusal. We also discussed bringing back the monkeys from the late 90’s jerseys.  Let us know what you think about that. We may not be the Monkey Boys anymore but monkeys are always fun, right? People loved that 21 Monkeys jersey.

Next on the docket was the ride schedule for February. The dates are not all set yet but we will be having a ride for the SoCal Scholastic Cycling League, a Beginner Skills thing (maybe) with El Ray and a ride/BBQ day at my house in La Verne, where we can ride over to Bonelli, Marshall Canyon or both. Of course like everything else, it’s weather permitting. Roger also brought up doing some riding in Utah (Gooseberry Mesa which is supposed to be epic) maybe in March, so keep your eyes peeled for that. And finally we talked about IMBA’s insurance for the club. Most in attendance seemed to favor getting a policy for the club. More details will follow on that as well.

Okay, I guess that’s all from the meeting.  Don’t forget to get your comments in about the LA City Bike Plan by Friday then go do some Trailwork this Saturday on Middle Sam Merrill. You drop-off freaks should come out and work on the stuff that you are getting your Gnar on!