Just in under the wire.

Looking at the Blog, I see I didn’t write this month. I try to write every month. Heck, that’s more often than I ride. I get the feeling that when I ride again, I’ll look like this.

Out with the old, and in with the new. The old was: Too busy with work and school to ride like I used to. Now I’m getting fat. The new will be: Still too busy with work and school to ride like I used to, but I’m going to get off my butt and get some sort of exercise in, and eat better, to boot. I have about 6 hours to allow myself to keep getting fatter. Good thing the neighbors are having a New Year’s Eve party. But I’ll try to refrain from excessive pigging out. After all, if you’re going to commit to something like a New Year’s Resolution, it’s silly to procrastinate. If you’re going to feel guilty about eating that burger, then don’t eat it.

So I say to my bride, “I have a New Year’s Resolution for us.” I’m gonna exercise more, go out to eat less, and run the LA Marathon. She didn’t quite laugh in my face, but reminded me that the LA Marathon is in just over two months. That’s not enough time to train. Whew! Now I have an excuse to postpone the misery. I’ll aim for the Santa Clarita marathon instead, plus, it’ll allow for me to bike the marathon again this year. It’s $25 to register, and registration is open. I don’t register online because the DoItSports.com bastards keep spamming Katrina and I and don’t include an unsubscribe link, and ignore my unsubscribe requests. I hate them. So I’ll snail-mail my registration in and feel better about myself.

Back to the running thing. I’ve never been too fond of running because it’s pretty hard on the body. But a) I know people who have been jogging forever, injury free, and b) running is darned good exercise, and c) I can start running from my front door and can travel lighter than when I want to bike. I’m hoping it’s a more convenient and efficient form of exercise, because while I love biking in nature, I’m really lazy.

Once the weather returns to California normal, I’ll get in some Beginner Rides, and hit the trails more when I’m in better shape. In the meantime, it’s the gym, and the street.