I would like to report that Martin “El Presidente” Gomez’s Karma seems to be on the mend, but what a beating it took! First the trailer got stolen, with a bunch of bikes, then he has to go to Big Bear racing and he loses his new digital camera and a hundred dollar bill. Which God did he piss off recently? Though he must have been praying a great many rosaries. Has anybody seen the condition of his knee, sorry that isn’t from praying, or one could say to a different God? Anyways, the trailer was found, the camera was also located, the money is somewhere in his shorts, ($100 bill, banged up knees, what is the connection?), but no bikes and on top of that Lilly, his daughter, opens the padlocked garage wrecking the door. Well Martin you are almost out the woods.

The karma thing seems to be stinging quite a few people, including John Khao who has poison oak ON THE FACE! I guess he got confused and grabbed the wrong tree trunk and stuck his face in the wrong bush. That is what you get from all those nice captions.

VDV has continued his effort to put the hurt on all of us on our 5am jaunts. I can barely wake up that early and this guy want us flying up and down the streets of Pasadena, just crazy!

My Davidson is still waiting to go back into service, though when I pulled the BB there was a bunch of rust. Guess all those rain rides weren’t such a good idea?

I have been dialing in the position on my Bontrager Cross bike that has been my spare bike. It is definitely more comfortable and a bit flexy compared to the Davidson. Makes a nice smooth ride on these bone-jarring roads of Los Angeles. It has the nice custom green velvet flite saddle, which actually works real nice. I also bought a replacement pair of size 50 Sidi Dominator shoes. After taking them to my local cobbler to make a couple of customization, they are breaking in very nice. I had him place a piece of suede on the top of the heel cup and another piece of leather on the tongue. This keeps my synthetic socks from slipping and my feet from feeling the straps through the tongue when they are cranked.

I am hoping that I can soon put in some long continuous hours on the bike. Coming back from Hollywood the other day I was able to do my good Samaritan bit by giving some newbie a spare tube and changing it for him. The poor guy was walking along Riverside Dr. with a nice Felt bike with Ultegra. He didn’t have a tube or a pump and had sprayed so much lube on his chain that it was all over his rim. After getting on my way, I had the blackest hands from the oil and brake dust. Oh well, I just hope some one would do the same for me, in his position.