Keeping fit during the holidays

Some ideas to keep you lean and fit in 2007

Keeping fit during the holidays.

It’s that time of year again, not only do our lives get a little hectic but we are usually eating a lot more. So it’s a double edged sword, we eat more calories exercise less and are a little more stressed sometimes. So here is some information to keep us lean and ready to be ahead the rest with our New Years resolution.

First you must realize these basic facts. The more calories you eat the more you will store unless they are used. Decreasing the amount of exercise decreases your caloric needs. Your body reacts to stress by slowing your metabolism and burning less calories. So to counter act these three factors here are some ideas. Drink lots of water, start by drinking a glass first thing when you wake up and always drink a glass before eat meal and snack. This will not only fill your stomach so you feel full faster but it will also increase you ability to keep burning calories efficiently. Next you should always keep a running tab of your food intake in mind each time you eat. If you know you overate last night then start the morning with a smaller breakfast followed by smaller meals throughout that day. If you ate a lot that night before then why not exercise more that day or the following day. It does not need to be a high intensity sprint to the top of Brown Mountain. It could be a slow easy ride with your kids. As a matter of fact, lower intensity longer duration will actually burn more fat calories. Some things you should try to avoid. Highly condensed calorie food items (most desserts and candies), concentrated sugary drinks and oily fried foods, just to name a few. Some ways to increase you amount of exercise. Start each morning with some stretches and crunches or take a walk after lunch or dinner. Of course you could always go to the gym and take my Spin class or start my winter leg training/rebuilding program. Good luck and as always feel free to email me with any of your questions.You can also reach me on MySpace

Doug Sullivan,RN,AFAA

Fitness Expert