Mammoth Recap

So, our Umpteenth Annual Pilgrimage to Mammoth is now over and we’ve all gone back to our regular lives. Some of us are already Jonesing for the next trip but all of us that went will agree that it was awesome. No rain whatsoever, temps in the 70’s except at the top and super blue skies that you’ll see in the pics.

I am glad that we had such a huge crowd of riders that went and took Fofo’s and my word that Mammoth was great and found out that it was true. We fished (some successfully), went to Bodie Ghost Town, checked out the Earthquake Fault, sang Karaoke and rode and rode and rode. We even rode Lower Rock Creek. A ride that we’ve been looking at and talking about for years but never got around to doing and it was epic! That was a trail that definitely lived up to the hype. Hard to prepare for though because the first part was smooth and fast which was more suited to regular pressure in skinny tires on an XC bike but then we hit the rocky, technical, last part that needed bigger travel for the hits and some loose rock gardens that made traction bad but required higher pressure to keep from pinch-flatting. What varied terrain on one ride. Then we had our multiple runs in the Mammoth Mountain Bike Park and all of our favorite trails and routes, like Trail Home or Off the Top to Beach Cruiser or Gravy Train then Kamikaze or Shock Treatment, then there’s the Lakes Trail, Juniper, Skidmarks, Chains Required, Velocity, Bullit, Brake Through to Seven Bridges also Downtown to Big Ring and many, many others.
I heard people saying their legs were sore from so much riding-even when it was mostly downhill! Now that is NOT lame, Bro. To ride all day and have that feeling is cool. I wish we could have it all year round but we can usually only muster a few hours a week on our bikes.
I just want to say that everyone had a great time and we had almost no crashes and/or mechanicals and almost no one got lost. The Mammoth virgins had a great time. Sevada’s buddy, Todi, did real well on Lower Rock Creek-even on his second ever mountain bike ride and Joanne and Favi were troopers on Rock Creek also, then raged on the mountain even after Favi crashed. Mark Thome had an impressive header on our first ride and looks like he bruised some ribs but he soldiered on too. Nice, not to mention his nice Whitesnake tune on Karaoke night! I just checked out the video of “Here I Go Again” on YouTube just for laughs. All Thome needed was Tawny Kitaen… Oops! Correction. I stand corrected because it was Fofo who busted out the David Coverdale! See what alcohol does to my already ravaged short term memory?
Thanks to all who came out and especially to Fofo and Ray for providing WAY too much food-as always. Know that EVERYONE came by our condo before leaving (since we were staying a few days longer) to leave us all their leftover food that we tried to bring home but ended up throwing out lots of it. We just couldn’t find Mammoth’s homeless population to give it to.
I hope even more PMBC members will make it out next year and that VanDerVeen will rejoin the crowd and that Brian Coleman, Doug and Stoner can make it too. We represented up there and people on the mountain kept mentioning how many PMBC jerseys they saw (there were 21 people riding in our group). Let me see if I can remember them all. There was Fofo, El Ray, John Khao and Brian Jehue, Geep (and his fine wine and his wife’s fine, Pecan Pie), King Taco, Hose-B, Sevada, his buddy Todi, Mark and Matthew Thome, Favi and Joanne, Scuba Steve and Jacob Purnell from PC, i-Pod Pete, Carlos, Jeff, Guillermo and Devin. That’s not even counting Raymond, Celine and Johnny (the second generation PMBC riders) plus all of the families and significant others who went. Oh yeah, and me.
We need to make sure to represent like that at ALL PMBC rides and other events we go to like IMBA and CORBA events and keep flying the flannel (wearing your jerseys). I know our turnout has been great to regular rides this year too. Definitely no one complaining about low turnouts or no shows lately. That rules and you guys rule!
I’m out.