Ben Saldivar

Ben Saldivar
Profiled: June, 2008.
Name: Ben Saldivar.
Live: Pomona.
Job: Bail agent/owner.
How long have you been mountain biking? 2 years.
First mountain bike? 2005 Schwinn Mesa Gsd.
Current mountain bike? 2005 Schwinn Mesa Gsd/2005 Specialized enduro.
How often do you ride? 4 days/wk.
Your favorite riding spot? Marshall/Mammoth.
Do you race? No.
What’s your best crash? The day Taco King was born.
What was the last thing you bought for your bike? Fork.
What’s your favorite beverage? Water.
What’s your favorite trail snack? Power Bar.
What’s one thing that you’ve learned from mountain biking? Working out can be fun.
If you had a $100 burning a hole in your pocket right now, what would you buy? Not sure.