Eddie Reyes

Eddie Reyes
Profiled: July, 2011
Name: Eddie Reyes – AKA Rookie
Live: Boyle Heights Los Angeles
Job: F’ing coffee guy
How long have you been mountain biking? 4 years now
First mountain bike? Magana something or other
Current mountain bike? 09 Specialized Stumpy and Specialized SX Trail
How often do you ride? About three times a week
Your favorite riding spot? El Prieto
Do you race? Sometimes
What’s your best race finish? I dunno
What’s your best crash? Telonix ripped my Achilles wide open!
What was the last thing you bought for your bike? New FOX fork
What’s your favorite beverage? H2O
What’s your favorite trail snack? None
What’s one thing that you’ve learned from mountain biking? One little mistake and your out for months
If you had a $100 burning a hole in your pocket right now, what would you buy? Another bike tray!