Jeff Guy

Jeff Guy
Profiled: March, 2011.
Name: Jeff Guy
Live: Bellflower
Job: Aircraft mechanic
How long have you been mountain biking? 5 years
First mountain bike? GT Avalanche
Current mountain bike? Trek Liquid
How often do you ride? 2-3 / month but I’m working on this
Your favorite riding spot? Mammoth or FDL because its close
Do you race? No
What’s your best crash? OTB at FDL
What was the last thing you bought for your bike? new wheels
What’s your favorite beverage? I always want what I cant have- Dr. Pepper
What’s your favorite trail snack? PB&J
What’s one thing that you’ve learned from mountain biking? No matter how big the climb its always worth the high in the end.
If you had a $100 burning a hole in your pocket right now, what would you buy? Down payment on a new frame.