Ray Herrera

Ray Herrera
Profiled: April, 2004.
Name: Ray Herrera.
Live: Alhambra.
Job: Transportation Logistic (fancy name for route driver).
How long have you been mountain biking? 7 years.
First mountain bike? Mongoose ZR1.0.
Current mountain bike? Diamondback Mission 3, Specialized Stump jumper, Giant Dirt Jumper, Karate Monkey 29er SS, Rocky Mountain RM 7.
How often do you ride? I’ll ride to work twice a week (when I’m not feeling lazy) and one day on the weekend.
Your favorite riding spot? Chantry Flats/Winter Creek or Hillyer.
Do you race? NO, I’m too passive.
What’s your best race finish? I’d like to think I would have podium on the trike race at the Halloween Party if it had ran.
What’s your best crash? San Juan Trail, it was on that all rock switchback. I locked up my front end and caught my endow between my legs. I thought I saved it but, my rear end came over and smacked me to the ground. After having the wind knocked out of me I still had to ride (bleeding) all the way back to the car showing off my newest scar.
What was the last thing you bought for your bike? XTR shifter/brake levers.
What’s your favorite beverage? Diet Peach Snapple  OH! and Rockstar & VODKA (Stoli).
What’s one thing that you’ve learned from mountain biking? GRAVITY HURTS!
What’s your favorite trail snack? Cliff bar (it’s all good)  but, I’ll never ride without a GU pack handy.
If you had a $100 burning a hole in your pocket right now, what would you buy? A new FOX helmet.