Scott Dayman

Scott Dayman
Profiled: June, 2004.
Name: Scott Dayman.
Live: Pasadena.
Job: Teacher.
How long have you been mountain biking? 15 years.
First mountain bike? Nishiki Ariel.
Current mountain bike? Airborne Lucky Strike.
How often do you ride? Once a month, these days. It’s so sad.
Your favorite riding spot? Chesebro.
Do you race? Not any more.
What’s your best race finish? Mid-pack, Beginner class.
What’s your best crash? Just Riding Along (JRA) near Dirt Mulholland headed to Sullivan Canyon when the singletrack I was riding suddenly dropped. I caught some great air before my massive endo. Nothing broken but my helmet.
What was the last thing you bought for your bike? Chain lube.
What’s your favorite beverage? Diet Coke.
What’s one thing that you’ve learned from mountain biking? The more you ride, the easier it gets.
What’s your favorite trail snack? Cliff Bar.
If you had a $100 burning a hole in your pocket right now, what would you buy? A bunch of music to listen to.