Mi Panza

The Panza is going down. Slowly but surely it is receding to the depths of my waistline. This morning’s ride was a nice one, allergies are down, and the legs felt good. The climbing and hiking I did over the weekend, really helped. I am thinking about cycling over to the High School and doing steps to work out my legs a bit more.

I am feeling the weather and the change in the seasons; the outlook looks good, if I just could get a good rear road wheel. I have enlisted the help of Chris Blake from Pasadena Cyclery, I am a bit crunched for time and a little out of wheel building practice, and so he will build up a new rear wheel. With a new DT/Swiss rim and his bang up job I will again have some good wheels to go out on a ride. Right now, I am making due with this production Trek rim/Ultegra hub wheel that keeps loosening on my outings.

Today on the way, another car got a little close for comfort on a corner. To bad it was a bit uphill as I put on the speed and almost caught the driver. I was going to give a little “What the F**K” with my water bottle. Nothing like getting pushed off of your line by a 2,000lb beast of steel.

I got a new sighting to post:

Chuck Taylor Rocker- I saw this dude waking down the street on 6th. He was wearing some Chuck Taylor All-stars, with the tightest high water black jeans, a concert t-shirt and suede rocker jacket with a black bandana and crunchy blonde hair. His face was as weathered as jerky, but there was no stopping him.