MMmmm…BBQ & fancy bikes

If you weren’t one of the 20 or so of us at the last meeting, you missed out on burgers, dogs, and some of Ray’s yummy leftovers. Oh, and some of the cushy bikes that tend to show up, such as the Foes La-Z-Boy. It might have a real name, but it was so cushy, it makes any trail feel like a riding a waterbed.

Ray was taking pictures like a madman, so look for those to hit the Gallery soon. In the meantime, check out Martin’s pictures from this past weekend’s Fullerton Loop ride here.

We do this every Fourth of July, and once or twice at other times during the year in the Pasadena Cyclery parking lot. We also planned out the ride schedule for August. If there are any rides you’d like to see us lead, drop Ray a line, or even let him know if you’d like to lead a ride on any open days or some day in the future.

Any other tidbits or questions for us? Drop us a note in our mailbag. Hope to hear from you soon!