Last Wednesday night was our monthly club meeting. This time, it was held at Pasadena Cyclery. For those who complain about expensive burgers at Fuddrucker’s, Alan Purnell put an end to that by providing free pizza. You really missed out, TONY.

Most of the usual people were there, with most of the usual talk, including rumors of an MWBA Pancake Breakfast that might actually happen this year on November 7th. Watch the MWBA website for details.

We also have a ride schedule planned for next month that should show up on the site within the week. Thursday Night Rides are also headed for a comeback, with the possibility that there will be three active TNR’s to choose from on any given week.

Sea Otter is this coming week, and Fo and Martin will probably be there. If you get lost during the event, try to make your way to the Rocky Mountain booth/trailer, and Martin will call your mommy to pick you up. He might even have stickers. If you’re really nice, he might even let you take a RM Bike for a spin.