Some more reasons to ride up Brown.

What got you starting mountain biking in the first place? For me it was the need to loose 50 pounds. I knew being overweight was bad for my health and cardiovascular exercise was the most effective way to loose the fat. I bought my first mountain bike and just started riding. At first attemp to ride up Brown mountain, after about three months of road riding, I only made it up about one mile. I knew I could go farther if I just kept riding. So I set small goals at first to just ride everyday and take as many hills around Pasadena as possible. I did not try to ride Brown again until I could make it all the way up Lake non-stop. I used this to motivate me at first. Then I started to make Brown my regular testing ground. I was not able to ride it more than once a week but I would push myself hard on the road because I was motivated for my Brown ride. It must have taken about a year before I could make to the top of Brown without any stops.As you know I still ride Brown. I’m also still very motivated. I can see how the Brown/ElP Forum has grown, many of you are just as motivated.