Music, gum, Blackout, buzz

So today I got some new music to drop into a minidisk for the ride to work. I am psyched, got the Jem driven by some nice bass and beats, Kinky with the Latino funk rock going on, and the David Bisbal, Spain’s answer to Clay and Ruben but with a cool flamenco flair. I am hoping that the rides with Martin VDV will start to pay off. The other day though it almost backfired as I nodded of while on the bike with a little bit of a dizzy spell. Quickly remedied with a bottle of apple juice and five sticks of Juicy Fruit, but it was kind of scary since the bike did swerve at my momentary blackout. The last time that happened, I found myself eating dirt on the downhill of Brownie. So Remember to eat no matter how fat you think you are.

I also got a new technical improvement for the spring weather, “the buzz cut”. It was time to let the mop of hair go and get the cool feel of vented air through the hair.

I am starting to save my pennies for the track bike. I think that it will be a cool tool to use for commuting to work. Some bomber wheels, big fatty tires, sleek position and a fat gut fairing (Perfected by M. Gomez on the Y-bike), I should be plowing through the morning air of LA in record time.

Look for pictures of the downtown scene in the near future as I chronicle the life and times.

Till then