New Jerseys (not New Jersey)

Attention Members!

We need your jersey design ideas, orders, and deposits by February 10th.

We have a deadline in mid-February for jersey orders. Some of you have seen some of the preliminary designs. Others have been promised soon. I will ask for those to get more finalized-with your input-and posted on the site for a vote on which design to use. The designs don’t necessarily have to be ready in February. That is just our deadline for deposits (meaning that we need a rough quantity too). The actual production date is in April but if any group in front of us cancels, then we get moved up and apparently, it happens often, so we should be ready with our designs soon. Expect that the jerseys should run about $55-60 for short sleeved and about $70 for windbreakers, should we order any. All you need to get in line for one is to be a current club member and give us maybe $25 deposit for each piece. Pay up your dues already, would you? We have a discussion about monkeys-or no monkeys-running right now, but I should mention that we also talked about doing BMX/Freeride style jerseys with V-necks and loose fit with no elastic on the cuffs. I think that the people who are monkey fans are probably also Freeride jersey fans. I could be assuming too much though. Since we only need a 25 minimum per design, maybe we can run a monkey design on the Freeride jersey and have a more traditional design-like the current one-on a standard club jersey like we’ve done for years? We’ve also talked about getting some T-shirts, so if your favorite designs gets butchered-and we had some votes for it-maybe a T-shirt of that design will be in order. Just stuff to think about. Please get those designs done so we can decide.

(Update 1/21/07) I found one more design that I liked before and I asked Scott to add it to the others here. I know you guys did not like this particular monkey that was on the sleeves, but we can change it to another one-or none, depending upon your input.

L8 Martin