Old is new again

As I switched the site over to the new software, I got to digging around all the past versions of the site. It turns out that before using Geeklog, I was using WordPress for the blog section. Funny how things evolve to become useful again.

I also read through all the old posts from the past 8 years. Good stuff and worth the drive down memory lane.

I’m still getting the photo gallery back in shape, but everything else that will be done has been done. I’m not going to dig up the old forum posts.

Go ahead and register for a new account if you’d like to participate on the new site. Otherwise, enjoy poking around and please let me know if you run across anything that’s broken.


  1. Is the random gallery going to replace the outdated top banner? It would be nice to have everyone submit some recent photos or have just a pic of brown mountain or the Mt Wilson cam instead. Just a few ideas.

  2. I’m but a Stoner’s throw away from finishing the gallery. All the old pictures are there, except for Stoner’s section. I know there are missing thumbs here and there, and some pictures that need to be rotated. If you find such problems, please email me with the name of the album it’s in. There are around 200 albums in the gallery and it’ll take forever to comb through each one looking for problems, so I get to them whenever they catch my eye.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. The home page had a little house icon link just to the left of Archives. It now says “Home” instead.

    I’ve also fixed the broken links for Profiles and Polls Archive.

  4. Oh one more thing the rider profile page does not show the riders public info when you press on the riders profile picture, all it does is show the members name and thats it. Did you use PHP? to store the riders profile info cause the bank comes out as empty? maybe some Javascript for some picture motion affects? Ok ill shut up now…

  5. Scott this is a small matter but when your on the profile page I think people should be able to see exactly how to get back to the index page or “home page” ya PMBC is there but not very noticeable. It took me a few long sec to find out how to get back. Maybe you should add the nav on every page. Just sayin.

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