Pancakes for Breakfast

First of all I want to invite all of you adventurous riders to the June 20th Retro Road Ride. Starting at Chilao and going over Pacifico to the Angeles Forest Highway and back around with half fire road and half pavement. To be done on a road bike or cross bike. Come try riding like those old guys in the Tour and Giro.

Yesterday morning I was given the pleasure of see a rat’s carcass on the road. Flatten to the thickness of a couple of pancakes it offered a nice wake up call on the morning’s ride. The Bontrager has been holding up fine, a much comfier ride than the Davidson. So other than a couple of close calls, one almost slamming into a Rav4’s rear tire and getting into an altercation with a SUV driver, things have been pretty sunny.

Hope your training days are getting easier.