Phantom Mountain Bikers

I moved to Pasadena about two years ago. I found the PMBC website not long after that and decided to join them for the next scheduled ride which was supposed to start at 8am at the top of Lake Avenue. On that sunday I was late getting up and had to struggle to get there on time. I rolled up on my bike right at 7:59am. Insert lonely sound of crickets here. I waited about 10 minutes and no other bikers showed up so I went home, dejected.

Fast forward to sunday, Feb. 12th, 2006. I decide to track the elusive PMBC down again. I arrive at 8:55 at the Arroyo/JPL lot. Lots of bikers milling around cars. I must have made it this time! I roll around asking each group. No luck. I ride alone.

Is it my gray hair? My unfortunate interactions with spandex? The squeaking of my poorly maintained chain? Or, most horrifying, the geeky mirror on my helmet?

Okay. Now that I’m done with my whiny attempt at humor… is there a “how to ride with us” guide here somewhere that describes the secret handshake?