Racing Temecula ’09

12 Hours of Temecula 2009 was definitely a race to respect, have fun, and chill with the homies. Team Atomic Burrito (Juan, Davo and The Rookie) didn’t do to shabby considering we were 40 something out 50 something at Rim Nordic, this time we ended up in the middle pack 20’s out of 48 at Temecula! yes! not to shabby’. Our secret weapon riders (Sean, Jason and Justin) did a tremendous job doing under one hour laps hitting a solid 11th place! – my hats off to you guys.

THE COURSE! Starts off with a fast low gear straight away for about two miles, you begin a long medium level climb to the top and when you think your done another extra steep climb awaits your sweat, tears and in some cases frustration. You then make way through a rocky section risking bike and limb weeding out the DH guys from the XC guys -it quite hilarious! An aid station greets you at the summit with cool drink and a pat in the back an indicator that the worst is yet to come or has just passed. You then descend hard into the mountain ridges trying to avoid powdery sand, stones and other down riders while keeping your own machine away from the magnet edges. The XC guys shine once they have tumbled down the mountain and make a fast break into what I call the fun single track section of woops, jumps and lose turns. At this point you begin telling yourself its time to put in some real leg work and you do’ dropping riders left and right not counting the respected solo riders of course. Aghhh’ the finish is near but one more sketchy climb stands between refreshments and a comfy lawn chair, you peddle hard hoping no one is in your line and walla!!! You sprint in for a few hundred yards tag your anxious team mate and the cycle continues…

I want to thank our six racers (Team “Atomic Burrito” Juan, Davo, The Rookie” – Team “Wolverine” (Sean, Jason, Justin) for coming out and making this a fun event for me and the rest of us if it wasn’t for you guys I wouldn’t have had the motivation to push hard each lap. Special thanks goes out to my flower DAISY for making us our recovery drinks and keeping our times, your cheering helped us too baby. Another thanks goes out to RAY for setting us up with our PMBC tent, energy drugs and night riding tools and clothing -thanks homie. Finally a big thank you goes to our half time heroes Jayo, baby Jack and the misses for a tasty surprise In & Out lunch- Great timing you guys!

– Rookie