Registered Nurse

Well folks, I’m back and I will not be too busy with school to write for this blog section anymore. I just passed my RN program! As many of you may know I have been a LVN and fitness advocate for many years.
I took up mtn. biking 10 years ago because I had allowed myself to get out of shape. Well it only took me one year but it was because I have been in shape most of my life. Let me tell you this, it’s not that easy to get in shape but it is a lot easier to maintain. That’s what I continue to do on a daily basis. I believe this ” If you do not strive to improve your health, you are allowing your health to get worse.” So ask yourself, what is more important than your health? Nothing right? We I think you will also agree that going mtn. biking is a fun way
(although it may be too time consuming to 3 to 4 times a week) to get in shape. I suggest xtraining with other types of cardio. Now, what do you eat? Are you eating with your brain or do you just pacify your desires. Get used to making the smart choices and it gets to be a habit. Now stop procrastinating and start making steps toward your fitness goal.