Riding is good

I just got back from riding Chesebro, and it was sure nice to get out for a club ride again. But all is not rosy on club rides.

It’s been a while since I’ve led a ride. It’s usually during the summer when I have the free time. After too little exercise, it sure helps a body work out the tension. With all the good a ride does, only one person showed up for the ride.

Yet again, I am embarrassed by this club’s reputation. The member who had shown up had lamented on the low turnout for Chesebro rides, and was really unhappy about a Sea to Reseda ride where he was the only one to show up on time. Even the ride leader was a half hour late. This notion of “PMBC time” is an unacceptable way to run a club. Several ride leaders have reputations for consistently showing up late for their own rides.

How are members supposed to figure out when a ride is supposed to start? There’s a posted time, then there’s “PMBC time,” which means the ride starts whenever the leader feels like starting it. Those leaders who actually start a ride on time are penalized by riders who expect rides to start late, or don’t even want to show up to play the guessing game of when a ride will start.

We’re supposedly responsible adults who are able to show up for work on time. But that’s a paid gig. This is voluntary, which is all this club has to keep itself going. But it’s also personal and club reputation that’s at stake. I don’t even bother going on club rides because odds are that it’ll start late. I’m sorry I was not able to make it to Stoner’s Marshall Canyon ride, but I bet it started on time. It’s refreshing to have “new blood” in the club who make the effort to keep the club going.

I don’t understand why someone can’t show up on time to lead their own ride. If it’s too early for you, schedule it later. Or am I missing something? Again, these are people who can show up to work on time. Why can’t they do the same for a club ride?