Road Trip to Mammoth

It’s that time again. Time for our almost-annual trip to Mammoth for fun-filled days of fishing, riding, and way too much BBQ-of course! The dates are for me, August 8-15 (Sunday to Sunday), and the rest of the gang will be there from Thursday the 12th through Sunday the 15th. We are staying at the Discovery 4 condos. They are close enough to ride to the mountain and convenient for getting to the lakes for fishing. Lodging is getting tight already so call ‘em quick if you want to join us there. The number is (800) 538-4751. Talk to Patrick. If they’re sold out, I’m sure there’s other condo rentals and motels to find since it’s not a racing weekend. Be there and bring your XC and DH bikes if you have them but you can still downhill on your XC rig.