Roll the dice, ride your bike. Viva Las Vegas

Going to Vegas and winning in the casinos and on the trails.Bootleg Canyon in Boulder City is where I’m talking about.

Last month Lloyd and I knew we where way overdue for a Vegas trip. So we decided to go and bring are bikes too. So here is some of the story because you know the Las Vegas Creed so I can’t tell all. I arrived in LV on Friday afternoon with our bikes and picked up Lloyd at the airport. We were off to the casino fresh and ready to win big. I was wearing my same lucky shirt that I worn last time I won in Vegas, hey whatever works. Well it did work and after a few hours of winning on the craps table at the MGM I went to check on Lloyd and his friend Tim at the poker tables. They were up too but want to continue playing. I had some other friends that were in town and up to no good so I joined them. Needless to say we stayed out late. We got up early the next day to carb load at the breakfast buffet before our ride. Well, Bootleg Canyon was easy to find but even my Nav couldn’t help us get there fast enough because I did pass it at first. I think lack of sleep might have been the cause. So now that we found it, we were suprised to see how well kept and nicely laid out the trails where. The free maps were in color and easy to use. They even had a shuttle for you guys with those heavy overbuilt freeride bikes. Lloyd and I mapped out how to make a connecting long and epic ride then set off. Well less than 15 minutes into the ride I was out. No, not out of breath keeping up with Lloyd but out due to a broken rear derailer. Some tough branch got caught in my rear wheel and before I could stop it shattered, I’m mean completly exploded, a jocky pully was shot away like a Ninja Star. I almost lost it, I had only rode 15 F–ing minutes. Well after I expressed my anger. Lloyd told me it was only a matter of buying a new derailer. So with two bike shops in town I was lucky enough to find one with a Sram derailer. It took a couple of hours but I managed to get back to the trail the same time Lloyd was returning with his second flat. Yes the trails were brutal on your tires and picking a line and ridng light was a must. We found out after chalking up about 5 flats. The next day was much better except for the increased lack of sleep. We found some really good routes and did not get any flats. I can’t really remember all the names of the trails but I do remember that none of them were really long. You could say that most f the XC trails were easy and less than one hour and only one of them we did had some technical sections.The best one we found were Girlscout,Caldera,Skyline and Mother. All the downhill runs had some interesting names like Armageddon, G string, Kavorkian and Reaper. Do yourself a favor and go to and check it out then go there and ride. Fall/Winter is the best time of year to ride there. I had some the best riding ever and winning money wasn’t bad either.