“Single Speeding”

“Single Speeding”, to shift or not to shiftI finally tried single speeding and this is what I have to say about it. From a fitness standpoint it’s one of the best workouts I’ve had climbing Brown Mountain. You spend a lot of time out of the saddle and my legs got pumped! Since I’ve road Brownie for over the past ten years it has never seemed that steep until I hopped on the SS. You really learn to appreciate those flat spots and slight descent when you only have one gear. Now before I ventured into this blindly I experimented with my hardtail. I would ride up and keep it in one gear the entire ascent. This gave me a good idea but your no committed and I could always shift if I wanted. The force and momentum needed to propel a SS up the mountain is part of the allure. Now I see why Jon stays so fast and Brian has improved his climbing speed so rapidly in the last two years. You really have to use the entire pedal stroke and incorporate your core when you are digging in on your climb with a SS. I have to give a shout out to Matt for letting me use the Niner SS and since this isn’t a bike review article I won’t go into that aspect. I do want to say one thing, simplicity is golden a not hearing your chain slap just adds beauty to the precision and powerful ride you experience.