Spring Smells

Spring is trying to break the hold of winter over the morning air, or at least that was a nice way of putting the miserable stench in the air from all the garbage juice on the road this morning. My body is still aching a bit from the contact with the car and subsequent spill. God, I wanted to wring the person’s neck and see the grease spill out like a hand full of fries. Oh well, this morning ride was again an exercise of pain and the futility of man effort to defeat gravity and inclines. Whatever!

I arrived crusty to work with nostrils full of delicious rotting smells and that of rotting homeless people inhabiting the crack of the buildings.

Here is an interesting article on American life http://www.slate.com/id/2096457/
Take a look and keep riding.

I want to give props to Martin Gomez, waiting on another kid. Obliviously, his little swimmers don’t have the same sedentary attitude as he does.