Starting and sticking to a training program.

Starting and sticking to a training program.

First of all, give yourself some credit for taking the initiative to consider getting yourself back in shape. Now that you have done that lets get started with what you need to know. Start with a simple beginner or starter workout program. The program needs to include cardiovascular, stretching and resistance exercises to be comprehensive. Yes, this can all be done with a starter program.

The cardiovascular portion needs to be something you like and can add too on a consistent basis. You don’t necessarily have to use the same exact cardio-type of equipment but you do have to add time and intensity. Always, always include stretching with your program. Warm up the body first and then stretch for best results. The resistance portion of you program needs to start with your Core. A strong mid section will give you the base you need to have proper form with all your exercises. A good starter program can be done three times a week and should hit all your major muscle groups. A program could be sport specific and/or focus on working on your weak areas but here are some basic elements you should know.


  1. Start with light weight and high repetitions. Use you CORE and focus on learning the proper form and correct path of movement.
  2. Learn the BASICS. Yes those same exercises you learned in high school are still some of the best.
  3. Your program needs to start with the major muscle groups and finish with the smaller muscle groups.
  4. Don’t waste time. 60 to 90 seconds between each set is plenty of time, unless you trying to bulk up.
  5. Work your muscles through their full range of movement. After you have mastered the correct form, focus on full engagement of your muscles.


As you can see it’s easy to be overwhelmed with all the details but you can also see it as a way of not being bored with your new workout.  Just remember your fitness level is dynamic and must be challenged to improve or it will deteriorate. I can be emailed with any questions and if interested I will reply with a starter program on Excel.


By, Doug Sullivan,RN,AFAA

Certified Professional Group Fitness Instructor