Sunday’s Group Ride

This past Sunday, my dad and I met up with Ray, Bob, and Ray’s friend, Eddie, plus another 14,994 people (any claims of 20,000 riders is highly suspect, as we didn’t see any bib numbers greater than 14,993). You’d think that a 6:00am start time would discourage people from showing up. No, not in the least. Well, Martin and Tony weren’t there. Maybe it was too early for some.

You’d think that at this hour, people are too groggy to notice much, but many people noticed Eddie’s chopper, a GT Dyno. Or maybe they just noticed his ear-piercing air horn. Pictures from the ride are here. I didn’t see anything really out of the ordinary. Even a unicycle doesn’t seem odd for an event like this. No big dogs on trailers. Maybe the biggest oddity was the absence of biking Elvises. Maybe people have more taste this year.

The weather was amazing this year; maybe even a wee bit too warm. For a 6am start, it sure got light and warm fast. This was a far cry from the ride three years ago when there was substantial rain. The ride really was a casual uneventful ride for us. None of us crashed, or got a flat. The only mechanical work we need was a refill for Eddie’s air horn, and that cost him a well-spent fiddycent.

This was the tenth year of this event, and with its immense popularity, I expect it to continue to be held every year. If the weather’s this nice next year, don’t miss out on the action. You’ll get a whole different view of the streets of LA from the double-yellow line. My dad sent me some stats on the ride. I’ll spare you the details on how long it took us to eat breakfast, but here are the numbers:
6:00 – Ride starts.
6:25 – Our group jumps on the back of the pack to start riding.
6:35 – We actually cross the starting line.
8:38 – 22.79 miles, and 2:03 later, we cross the finish line, unscathed.