Taking time to make time

Increasing your endurance on and off your bike to make the climbs feel easier.Riding up our local mountains is not as pretty as it looks, as you know it can be grueling. Weekly we meet for our group rides and sometimes, if not all the time, dread the impending climb. That’s a fact of life, right? Well, this is what you can do to make a big difference.

Cardiovascular (Cardio) exercise is universal. What I mean by this is that whatever form of exercise you use to get your heart elevated to at least 55% of your maximum heart rate MHR, will condition your heart, lungs and vascular system for any form of exercise.
The good news is the effects of cardio are cumulative. Getting your heart rate elevated and sustaining it for a minimum of 20 minutes several times a week will increase your body’s oxygen carrying capacity.
So if you can run, swim, ride a stationary bike, climb stairs or even circuit train during the week, it will make a big difference. Take all the time that you can during the week to go out and ride if you can, but if can’t, take the time to do Cardio in some other form. Remember that you need to increase your heart rate and sustain it to make a difference. Once you start doing this for just a few weeks, you should feel a difference the next time you ride
So take the time to do cardio for at least 20 minutes, several times a week. This will add up to you making time as you feel better on the next climb. Keep in mind you should get to know and train in your heart rate zones.I will explain this further in my classes and with additional articles.

Doug Sullivan,RN,AFAA
Fitness Expert