The Peck’s delusions

I don’t know why I’m even wasting time to do this but I wanted to respond to The Peck’s continuing shots at my vehicle and the amount driving I’m doing versus the time I’m actually riding a bike, by saying that yes, I do drive the big old honking Ford but need to first point out that anyone who actually knows the 9-0-9 would realize that my truck is puny in comparison to even most of the Inland Empire Soccer Mom’s lifted Excursions with their 40-inch tires! Also, those of you who’ve been around a while would remember my old 1991 Toyota 4X4 that I was perfectly happy with for more than ten years and 140,000 miles. When my second kid came around, two car seats in the old Extra Cab just would not fly-especially if it meant the wife having to sit in the rear jump seats. Now I have three car seats and a fourth on the way so even the Supercrew won’t be going on any family vacations after this September. We’ll have to take my wife’s Expedition (that is not lifted or even four wheel drive by the way). The full size pickup is also almost a necessity for my job as an outside rep for the fine Rocky Mountain Bicycles brand that requires me to drive around with quite a few bike samples, many of which are through-axle front ends without quick releases. The full size crew is the only thing I could find to handle my ever growing Catholic family and the bike business. As far as his quips about me needing to ride more, they are absolutely correct. However, since I am a road rep, my job description means I’m driving a hell of a lot (a full tank and 350 miles or so every other day) and so there’s no way I can ever surpass my time in the truck seat with time in the saddle. That’s the nature of the beast but if the Peck can find a way for me to cover Southern California and dropping kids off at school and day care while sneaking in as much riding as he thinks I should be doing, I’d be glad to hear it.
I know the Peck’s trying to be funny and he’s trying to make some point mostly about the riding and not the fossil fuel thing AGAIN (and again and again) but it just sounds like someone else should just keep his mind on catching the hottie messenger chick and seing if he can actually engage her in any conversation before she drops HIS substantial ass!