The trail that lived up to the Hype!

Santa Ana River Trail (SART)
It started out with a small eager group which turned out to be a good thing (Je-Roam, King Taco, V, Mitch and myself). As we started the trail, it started to tell the story of what we were in for. Nice hard pack (no powder or sand here) and up and down rolling single track! The trail did have a lot of corners that were very narrow and exposed but after about the 15th corner we were all hitting them at normal speed. Ridding these trails through meadows and pine tree filled forest was the biggest treat considering what we normally ride. Every so often you come around a corner and see this grand view of the San Gorgonio valley. The trail was easy to follow and through all the adrenaline rush we ended up doing the grand loop which kicked my arse the last 1/4 mile.

The first section South fork to Glass rd was awesome rolling tight and fast single track (5mi). The second half Glass rd to Middle Control Rd was also rolling tight single track but was more in the forest and had some awesome water crossings (8mi). Once on Middle Control Rd we climbed to Hwy 38 (2.5mi). Then we dropped in behind the post office and did this highly touted Space Mountain style downhill single track back to Middle Control rd. which also lived up to the hype (3mi), now we begin our long journey back to Gass Rd. (8mi.). Je-Roam was the only crazy one to go another 5mi. back to our first starting point. Total trip 26.5+mi. (Je-Roam 32mi.) according to a web site there is also 3000ft elevation change up and down.

As for the riders there is nothing to write as everyone was speechless and very much honored to have showed up to experience one of the best single tracks in So. Cal.

This ride is a must do! You will not be disappointed!

Trail Recipe
1 part Upper Merrill exposure
2 part Red Box flow (without rocks)
1 dash Brown/El Prieto
1 part Space Mountain (Los Robles)

– Stoner